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Puppy Prep Checklist

Are you excited, yet? By now, you’re probably wondering: What are the basic items you need to make sure your puppy experience is positive from day one? No worries. This isn’t a test. We’ve put together a shopping list with everything from blankets to treats, water bowl to toothpaste.

Click below to download a PDF version of the checklist:


Puppies need special nutrition.

Inside each bag of Puppy Chow® is a unique healthy-start blend with high-quality protein, DHA and other essential nutrients also found in mother’s milk. For a natural puppy food option, try Purina® Puppy Chow® Natural Plus Vitamins & Minerals, made without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. To learn more about why puppies need special nutrition, check out this article.

Puppies, Puppies and More Puppies...